Where it all began. . .

MOUSENET and its sequels MOUSEMOBILE and MOUSE MISSION (published October, 2015) are books for children 8 – 12. They tell how mice evolved into a species just as smart as humans. And how they use those smarts to work with one human family to save the planet.
3 as jpeg (1)It all began when mice watched young geeks working in Silicon Valley, and learned how to operate computers themselves. These mice taught their friends, who taught their friends, and soon mice throughout the land could e-mail each other, and write opinions in mouse blogs, and check facts in Whiskerpedia, and take on-line courses on nutrition and safety and human behavior and world events.

But using human computers was a pain. The mice desperately needed a computer their size, one they could use behind the walls. The Big Cheese, leader of the Mouse Nation, launched a search–and a clan in Cleveland, Ohio, reported the great news: an inventor and his ten-year-old niece had just made the world’s smallest computer.

The rest is history, which became a little too exciting in MOUSEMOBILE, when mice had to run for their lives. And even more exciting in MOUSE MISSION, which took mice (and their tame humans) deep into danger in a duke’s palace

Here’s what they said about MOUSENET:

“Genuine goodwill, humor and impressive believability will have readers longing for mice as friends—not to mention political allies.  Kirkus Book Reviews

See full review here.

And from the Kirkus review of MOUSEMOBILE:

“Charming sequel to Mousenet . . .Mouse Nation’s efficient, rational society, from Mouse Sign Language to legal proceedings, remains enchantingly believable. Closing the book, readers may wonder: Will these mice return, and can they really stop climate change? They will hope so.”

Illustrations copyright © 2011 and © 2013 and © 2015

by Stephanie Yue