The Mouse Nation

Mice are usually quite secretive, but on this page you will be able to get a glimpse into life at the Headquarters of the Mouse Nation, which started life in Silicon Valley, California and then moved to Cleveland, Ohio.

Mice are ruled by the Chief Executive Mouse (known behind his back as the Big Cheese) with the help of his Mouse Council. Worker mice are allocated to various departments, some of which do research on things affecting the well-being of mice, such as cat avoidance and mouse nutrition. Others concentrate on problems of the human world–especially the problem of climate change. Which isn’t easy, given the political problems! In MOUSEMOBILE, people who deny that climate change is man-made threaten to destroy the whole Mouse Nation. But things are looking up. Here’s a memo that the Big Cheese sent to his followers, telling them  about progress on several fronts.

As mice know, forests are very important to the planet because they suck carbon out of the atmosphere. When a huge rain forest is threatened, mice at Headquarters leap into action, even though it’s a long leap—all the way to a duke’s palace in England. Read all about it in MOUSE MISSION, published in October 2015.