There’s hope for our planet!

From the Chief Executive Mouse to all members of the Mouse Nation

Greetings, Mice! I am writing now to share with you my thoughts on the problem of climate change, which we are committed to address under the terms of the Treaty Between Mice and Humans.

I must admit that until recently I was quite pessimistic about our ability to get humans to see the truth. As is chronicled in the book MOUSEMOBILE, there are still too many loud voices out there—in Washington, in the media—from humans who seem determined to deny the true facts: that homo sapiens is changing the climate, and that all species may suffer grievously if steps are not taken to cut the use of fossil fuels.

And as is related in the book MOUSE MISSION, there are still many threats to the forests that are essential to the planet’s health.

It is true that the pendulum seems to be swinging in our favor. The Pope, who heads an organization almost as powerful as ours, has come out with strong words on the need for action. Global warming is once again a subject for discussion and the average human now knows more about what is at stake. However, we still have much to do, and I would urge all mice to continue to implement Operation Cool-It in the three ways outlined in MOUSENET:

  1. Educate your host families about ways to cut their household’s carbon emissions.
  2. Work on members of the media to coerce them into changing their tune—like the famous radio personality Bash Limply who has already come over to our side.
  3. Use whatever means are necessary to get congressmen and senators to admit the truth about climate change. Remember, most of them are intelligent, even if they strive to disguise the fact. Most are well aware of the truth, but daren’t say so because such an admission would cost them campaign contributions.

Mice of the world, the planet depends on you! Keep up the good work!