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Mousenet in Dutch!

Mousenet has been translated into Dutch. In case you were wondering, the Big Cheese has turned into de Meestermuis, and the Thumbtop is a Duimtop. Let’s hope the children of Holland clamor for Mousemobile and Mouse Mission too,

It’s an Honor Book!

Mousemobile came in second in its category for the Green Earth Book Award (see below), which makes it an Honor Book, and gives mice a great deal of pride.

Mousemobile nominated for an award!

Mousemobile was one of seven books on the short list for the Green Earth Book Award (read all about it here). Yes, it’s green. See pages 260-2 for one way to show climate deniers how wrong they are. (Of course it helps if you are in league with mice.) Find out what happens when mice tangle with oil and gas billionaires.

Launch Party!

This is becoming a Mousenet-books tradition: the readable cake/edible book. Here’s the Mousemobile edition, served up at the launch party at Kepler’s Books in Menlo Park.

Here’s an excerpt from the Kirkus Review:

kplers ls“In this charming sequel to Mousenet  (2011), mice who use tiny Thumbtop computers need some rescuing by the very few humans who know that mice have evolved.. . .Mouse Nation’s efficient, rational society, from Mouse Sign Language to legal proceedings, remains enchantingly believable. Closing the book, readers may wonder: Will these mice return, and can they really stop climate change? They will hope so.”


MOUSENET won silver! Came in second in the 2013 Readers Favorite awards for the children’s category of Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

MOUSENET was been nominated for three state-wide readers’ choice awards.

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