Cleveland Clan No. 1578

This is the clan that lives below the floorboards and behind the walls in Uncle Fred’s house in Cleveland. When the story begins, the only way mice can use computers is by creeping out at night to borrow them from humans, like this:

And if there’s a cat in the house, forget about it. But tonight Cleveland Clan 1578 is sending an e-mail to the Headquarters of the Mouse Nation that will change mouse history: their humans have just invented the world’s smallest computer–one that can easily pass through the average mouse hole, so mice can use it in privacy behind the walls.

Curly, Larry and Julia

They began life as mice 48, 42 and 47 in Cleveland clan 1578–until they were called upon to help mice get their paws on the Thumbtop computer.  Curly is a mouse who enjoys adventure, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Larry is a sports nut, who knows everything about human pastimes like college football. Julia has read deeply in books that explain humans, and has excellent insights into what makes them tick


Originally known as Talking Mouse Three, Trey was born in Elko, Nevada. But when the elders in his clan noticed that had a certain  shape to his mouth that meant he could be trained to make human sounds, he was whisked away on a Greyhound bus to the Talking Academy in San Francisco, California. And when he graduated, he was given the assignment of a lifetime.

The Big Cheese

His official title is Chief Executive Mouse, and he rules the Mouse Nation with a firm hand. He cannot make human sounds, but he makes up for that with some whisker-shriveling memos–and with Mouse Sign Language, translated by his interpreters. Here he is seen (on the right) with Talking Mouse Five, otherwise known as Sir Quentin.

Sir Quentin

Sir Quentin learned to talk by watching British costume dramas on public television. He never uses a short word if there’s a longer one available, so if you want someone who will call a spade an agricultural implement for the penetration and relocation of soil, he’s your mouse.