She has just spent two years on the remote Atlantic island where her mom was doing climate research, so she’s kind of out of it, and has no clue what the other kids in fifth grade are talking about. And another thing: her mom gave her a crazy haircut that makes her hair stick up in front in a very strange way, which doesn’t help. When mice make their approach, she’s so lonely that she would have made friends with a ham sandwich.

Her mom

Susie Miller is a climate scientist who does research into what happens to animals when the planet heats up. For most of this story, she’s off in Australia doing research on hairy-nosed wombats.

Her dad

When Megan’s parents got divorced, Red Miller went to Paris to learn how to cook, and now runs his own restaurant in Oregon, with the help of his new wife, Annie.

 Her step-mom

Annie was born in Oregon, but she was working as a model in Paris when she met Megan’s dad. She still looks like a model, most of the time–and at times seems to think that Megan is some kind of savage.


Joey is Megan’s step-mother’s first cousin’s kid, which makes him Megan’s step-cousin. He’s in the sixth grade, lives almost next door, and has just found a mouse messing with his computer. He knows the mouse has something to do with the weird stuff Megan’s been doing, but what’s the connection, exactly?

Uncle Fred

Megan’s uncle once played football for Ohio State but is now out of shape, spending most of his time inventing — especially things that are way too small for humans to use.


Jake is Annie’s first cousin, and Joey’s dad. He  used to run a small computer business but it folded, so he’s off on the road, selling things–until he and Uncle Fred fall into a nice soft trap. Here, Uncle Fred and Jake meet the Big Cheese (on the right) with his interpreter, Sir Quentin.