final MM cover


It’s HOT in Cleveland, where the four humans who know that mice have evolved help workers from the Mouse Nation to make tiny Thumbtop computers.

True, mice are helping the Humans Who Know to stop global warming, to halt climate change. But that will take time, as mouse clans secretly educate their host families, and work their magic on politicians, and get the loudest voices in the media to change their tune.




Meanwhile, eleven-year-old Megan Miller has an extra problem. Her mom doesn’t know that mice have evolved, because the Big Cheese, leader of the Mouse Nation, doesn’t think she can keep secrets.

So he sets up the dream job for her–one that will get her safely out of Cleveland for the summer. Out of Megan’s hair. Leaving Megan and her step-cousin Joey to swelter in the sticky heat.

mm_final_p004 Megan and Joey would love to get out of town, go somewhere  cool and green, but their summer doesn’t work out that way. Instead, the four Humans Who Know must answer a cry for help from the Headquarters of the Mouse Nation in Silicon Valley, California.


Could the problems at Headquarters be connected with Savannah, a new Talking Mouse with a craving for human luxuries?


There’s no time to find out as the humans race to the rescue, just in time. And end up taking  two thousand two hundred and forty three mice out of danger in a big RV, the Mousemobile.

But who’s that chasing them? And why?